Monday, October 25, 2010


there ain't nothin like the old school.. this is not O.J.Simpson "the juice",
this is Oran "Juice" Jones.. What a difference in music videos from the 80's and now...
what's the world coming to? they used to tell a story.. I know R.Kelly did his trapped in the closet videos but I'm not a fan of that guy. He's just cheap.
"The Rain" came out in 1986, my favorite part is towards the end, when he's talking smack! "Silly rabbit, tricks are made for kids don't you know that! You without me is like cornflakes without the milk! It's my world you're just a squirrel trying to get a nut!" hahahahha

In ode to Halloween.. Here is Rockwell.. The only song Micheal Jackson did a chorus to.. so many people think it's Micheal that produced this.. they are mistaken.
Sadly, Rockwell didn't have many hits, but it tends to happen in pop music.
I have this on vinyl but it's not the o.g. version. It's the house version.
Still fun to dance to but this track came out when I was only a year old, 1984.

Of course, what would Halloween be without Ghost Town? The Specials' 1981 song is still very much loved and played these days.. I just love it!

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