Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Francisco

3 years of love is what we were celebrating on this trip to San Francisco. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we got ready to have dinner and ended up walking around the corner since we stayed in the middle of everything we found a jazz restaurant in the same block. We were in SF for 3 days and my feet did not stop all day... shopping!!! I ran into the store which at first I recognized because Niko and I have t-shirts from there (bought at Mesh ) so I walked in and it was the art gallery, then the girl working there told me to go next door. I go next door and it's the men's department the store next to that one was the woman's-babies! I ended up finding a cute birthday present for my friend. A t-shirt by Jeremy Fish and another cute one for my son Niko. I also fell in love with the art of Sirron Norris! His work is all over town making SF just a little more happy.

We ran into the mother fucking Gaslamp Killer on Haight....
Then sushi was delicious! Josh aka Angst took us to Tsunami Sushi before Raoul's show and had some drinks... I would love to go back right now for some sushi!!
The dubstep club was so packed and hot that Raoul ended up loosing me in the crowd. There was too many tall people. Eva was a beautiful host that night and the people at makeout sessions were full of energy and loving the music! Overall it was an awesome weekend and anniversary celebration. I ♥ my baby daddy!

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