Tuesday, February 12, 2013


today was beautiful, not spectacular or anything. but with all the ups and downs my days always have, i find beauty in it. at some point of every day i find myself feeling frustrated and then a deep breath later i feel blessed and at home. these photos i took today are unedited. i watched the kids dig in the backyard, looking for worms and play with sticks. this is something i don't remember doing as a kid, i don't think i've ever held a worm before. but i love that my kids love them. they are teaching a "worm bin" workshop at niko's school and i really want to start a compost so it really interests me.
i love watching my kids learn through nature, even if its just in our backyard or the park. and after spending the rest of the evening at the playground and playing soccer, i realize i don't take the kids to the park as often as i used to. i get sucked into random things at home and simply get lazy. plus i gotta push niko out the door since he rarely wants to leave the house. i thing all of us will have better days and sleep if we get out of the house more often.

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Xenia G. said...

I dug for worms, made mud pies and climbed trees - I think its cute that Niko and Luna do it!

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