Sunday, January 13, 2013


guess where we went last weekend? it was the most random thing too because niko is always saying how he hates chuck e cheese and im like "oh i know, me too!"
but sunday afternoon he requested to go and i thought, well why not. we got there and it was super packed, per usual. but we only played a couple games and left. niko got over his fear of the chuck e cheese mechanical band. i have a special place in my heart for those robots. and on the way home we spotted a rainbow. there hasn't been a rainbow that hasn't made me smile.

since i am so bad at keeping up with posts, i will try to do this. weekly photos of my kiddos. i post daily on instagram but its not always my kiddos and they change so much so quickly. i think this is going to be extremely rewarding. got this series idea from bleubird.  

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Sweet Marie said...

We watched the Chuck. E . robot show the last time we went and Jeffrey and I were cracking up. I love all the weird song parodies. The Guido pizza chef is my favorite.

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