Saturday, December 29, 2012


i've had the hardest time keeping up with the days this whole month. it has happened too quickly and we have been pretty busy, even if we're just staying in. i did manage to snap a couple photos of random happenings this week. hope you have an amazing weekend and a happy new year!

    a little butterfly in my yard stood still long enough for a couple photos.
    we said good bye to our christmas tree. looks so small here!
    i found these at the thrift for when luna starts school. brand new for $4.99 = score!
    cutest little girl about to shank somebody at olive garden.
    might make its way to ebay soon...
    wreaths were on niko's top chritmas priority this year, i love trader joes for selling these!
    almost wore this dress out but bundled up instead. was good for twirling for five minutes though!
    under the table forts make this home a happier place. niko read a story to his baby sis, so sweet!
    chritmas mess has yet to be cleaned up... three days later.


Lil Muse Lily said...

happy new year!!! looks like you guys did the holidays right. and, i know what you mean about trying to keep up. my head is just now coming down from a holiday cloud.

Sweet Marie said...

Feliz Ano Nuevo!
I have awarded you with a Leibster. It is kind of like a chain letter, so either you're welcome or I'm sorry.

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