Thursday, December 6, 2012


after about two depressing tough months without my seeing my family, i drove down to san diego and spent some time with my loved ones. my sisters kept the kids over night so i got to go out with my best friends and celebrated my birthday a couple days before. my sisters, mom and niece also celebrated birthdays days away from each other and the kids thoroughly enjoyed time with their cousins. before heading home the kids and i stopped at the swap meet and met up with friends for some good old bargain hunting. then we visited our friends dion and tassia and hung out for a while. since they live close to the swap meet they go there frequently and lots of things in their home are from the swap. tassia has such a good eye for things, i love her cozy home! a couple months back we all stayed at her house (she has a spare room). and while i was there i took photos around her house.. except i don't know which computer has the photos. but this time while we hung out in their bedroom i snapped some photos of the coziness they have built together. i really like the shoe rack by the ceiling. she has a shoe problem. obviously. she still has a ton of shoes in the baskets in the closet. anyway, i will look for the other photos and post them asap. it really warms my heart that my friends enjoy hanging out with my kids and  my kids love hanging with them too. its beautiful to timeline friendship through my kids age nowadays... and that they've met my kids since the first day they were born. i am so incredibly grateful to have them by our side through all these milestones, through the hardest times in my life and the most joyous ones too.

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Lil Muse Lily said...

lol i love that you called her out on her "shoe problem"

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