Tuesday, December 11, 2012


i have been feeling tired and achy recently. i wake up with sore throats and back pain and its easy for me to putz around in my house. i try to do some indoor activities but today i grabbed my camera and went to the park with the kids. two parks that is! they're right up the street from each other but they're both great. one of them has a korean bell and the other has a lighthouse, and they both have beautiful views of the ocean. luna made friends at the first park while niko sat next to me refusing to share his toys. then we went running around and that was better for both of them. then we drove to the korean bell, which has a small playground but is usually kinda lonely and quiet. right after getting home we got ready for our monthly school meeting and the kids got another hour of playtime. i loved today. there are days when i put the kids to bed and regret i didn't put much effort in but today i am happy they came home tired and sleepy from a full day of fun.


Emmett Katherine said...

they both look like they're having a fun time! I hope you feel better soon.

his little lady said...

All of these pictures are just beautiful! The sunset, the palm trees, the smiles. Just perfect :)
xo TJ

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