Thursday, September 6, 2012


you know that super cool kids show called yo gabba gabba? and you know that super cool hip hop festival called rock the bells? yep, they came together. we got tickets from a friend for rock the bells this year and apparently it has turned into a coachella thing where tickets are super expensive and you buy a weekend pass. oh and its in san bernardino so its hot as hell. we only went on sunday and we only went to see dj lance rock and the yo gabba gabba crew (including biz markie!) 
the truth is, i didn't want to go because the day before we went to the funk festival in long beach and niko didn't do so well. it was extremely hot and it would be even hotter at rock the bells. i just didn't want to disappoint raoul so i went along and oh em gee. i have never sweat so much in my life. it was disgusting to feel sweat go down my leg. yeah, my legs were sweaty. sorry, tmi but im being real. i was so surprised by how well the kids handled the heat, better than me for sure! i know some people were looking at us like... why are there kids here? but we love exposing the kids to all kinds of music. there's nothing like going to a live concert and im proud to say my kids have experienced that already. after all, they are an extension of us and our family has started because of music. the thing that connects us all around the globe, music. 
dj lance has become one of my top favorite djs, he played the jams. if it wasn't over 100 degrees and i had a cocktail in my hand i woulda been boogieing with a crazy lady. niko and i went to the yo gabba gabba concert two years ago, i am glad that luna got to see them now though. in person, the expressions on luna's face were priceless. she couldn't take her eyes off the characters and me off her face. 

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