Saturday, March 3, 2012


last year i started writing a post on dr. seuss and never finished it. i was about to edit and look at the photos i had saved but those too are gone with the rest of my photos from when all my photos were erased. but that will not stop me this time from talking about our love for dr. seuss. the kids and i often read his books and even have a couple of them from when papa was a kid! i have a growing collection of little golden books and dr. seuss books too that makes me very happy. i think my favorite is "oh the places you'll go" and niko's is "the cat and the hat". we have some dvds of old dr. seuss stories from the mid 70's and there is just nothing like them. i think our favorites are "the sneetches"  & "horton hears a who", i love the illustrations, the stories, and the songs. we had been really looking forward to the premier of the lorax in this house and today was such a special day. although i wasn't planning on taking luna to the movies just yet, she went on her first trip at the theaters and she loved it. she is always such a trooper but as soon as we arrived she sat down and was sucked in to the movie. i loved watching her with her tongue out as she was so absorbed with the beautiful colors in the film. although i feel the message could be too deep for niko to fully understand, it is a great movie for toddlers and parents. raoul and niko had been disappointed the two last times they went to the theater to watch cars 2 & happy feet 2 or three. whatever. they had too much suspense for kids and raoul said they were talking about bombs, military terminology which is no joke in real life. i clearly remember when i was a kid being so scared of villains in disney movies and i rather my kids not watch that kind of movies just yet. way too intense for small kids like mine. anyway... i do hope that niko and luna have a special place in their hearts for dr. seuss when they are older. i love quotes by dr. seuss, they just make so much sense! can we just stop and think about every single one of them? i know there has been some controversy over the lorax and its message. the book was even banned here in california because it showed negative light on loggers? i just can't stand the media like 95% of the time. but if you were interested in watching the lorax, i say go for it! you're going to love it!

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