Friday, February 24, 2012


i realized last week i kept going on about being able to hang with friends and have that free time to myself again.. and i thought i sound unrealistic. like those moms who still go out a couple times a week and don't put their kids to bed. the moms who are always trying to find someone else to watch their kids because they don't wanna let go of the good times with their single friends and face responsibility. well, i have never been that mom and i can count with one hand the times my sisters have watched my kids so i can go out to watch raoul play a show. i have never hired a babysitter but have been really wanting to. so that the mister and i can have some quiet time to ourselves and invest in our relationship. the relationship that keeps this family going, i find it very important to keep that spark lit. most nights we stay up and watch movies after the kids go to bed, and that's our time. but i really want to have dinner and a movie with him soon. i want to dress up and actually go somewhere for adults. i mean, its been months i don't think im asking for too much here.
back to the good old days, when i talk on here about my party girl past... i am not saying it because that's who i want to be again. its just that for many many years its who i was. i feel in order for anybody to understand me or anyone for that matter, you have to understand the past. i do intend to get more into detail about my past and random stories in the future, specially friday posts since i like to reflect and do "flashback friday" themed posts.
these two photos were taking on really fun and careless days for me. first photo i was walking a doggy i loved very much, his name was jozsef and we call him joe. there was a party going on at the park. and second photo i was pretty drunk at mardi grass. i thought about that photo after posting yesterdays photo of luna wearing my lace headband. i think it looks a lot better on her! the two beautiful friends in the photo are very special to me. they are always there still, through the good and the bad. and that's what i call real love.
i hope you have an incredible start to your weekend! big hugs, liz

p.s. these photos are so old i had to go to myspace to get them! hahaha. i tried like eight times because i didn't remember the password. nowadays myspace seems so cheap and tacky and i think in the future facebook will be looked upon that way, oh technology is crazy i tell ya! 


Morgan said...

I think we all look back on our past with nostalgia and that's so normal. I don't wish to go back to my pre-baby days, but is nice to have a break once in awhile. Dates with your man are definitely necessary! You are so gorgeous! That first picture looks like a page out of the Ruche look book. Super model!

christinerojas said...

I'm still in the process of accepting my past. I know I'm still young but I see myself leaving that girl behind. A lille ashamed of it all, but It's a process and I'll eventually learn to love the new and old me.

I know that wasn't your msg in the post but it brought up buckets of feelings for me. Thanks for sharing mama!

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