Monday, February 20, 2012


its monday again! but for most of you this monday isn't so bad since it's a holiday! i usually like to post a song or playlist on monday of the music i am currently listening to. this time it went kinda different, i kept trying to remember a song i havent heard in years and after a couple hours i remembered and then other music i listened around the same time came to mind and so they are on this playlist! it was 2002 when i was jammin out to these songs.. and i just realized it was TEN YEARS ago. holy shit. that's a long time ago... i remember vividly what i was doing at that time. and while i was going to house clubs at the time and dancing my booty off, i listened to mellow stuff at home and in the car. those were the funnest years for me probably... i had nothing to worry about but what outfit i was going to wear. i treasure those memories so much, and even more.. my friends who i made those memories with. oh i was a wild one. things that would make you gasp, haha..  anyway, i hope you like the randomness of this playlist and i hope you have a beautiful week! xo Liz
p.s. i also updated the Anika and Tokimonsta music posts if you wanna check em out. by updating, i mean re- uploading the images that were erased. 

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Itzel Yagual said...

My goodness! You did take me to back in the day-fun loving music! Thanks for sharing!

Yoly said...

Liz...R u ready to shine? check my blog and you'll see what i mean :)

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