Thursday, December 8, 2011


this year, like every year.. i want things. im not gonna lie and pretend to be modest. there are some cool things out there that i feel like i need in my life but in reality i dont. i don't need anything. i am happy with what i have and im just excited to see my kids enjoy christmas with our family. however, i did make a "wish list" but some things on here like the purses and puppy, i know are ridiculous to even think raoul will go for it. maybe another year i will get those but its okay to dream right?

all dresses from sosie 
all jewelry is house of harlow 
record player console 
this is a wish list, i know im crazy for mentioning it but a boston terrier pup would make me so happy!
look at that sweet little punim! 

do you make a mentally wish list or a written one? do you care about gifts at all?
im not really going crazy about shopping this year, i do most of my shopping year round. 

1 comment:

Yoly said...

Love your Xmas list! I love House of Harlow and that book I've wanted it for months...I think I will treat myself :)

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