Saturday, November 26, 2011


not having the mister for two weeks now has been pretty difficult to say the least. (we have one more week for him to come back from his mexico tour.) earlier this week i went two whole days without showering. i know its disgusting but its the truth, so if i didn't have the time or energy to shower, i haven't had the time and energy to blog. but i do miss blogging. in fact, i think about it every day. well, our lucky day came when we found the perfect pup to join our little family. we found this little guy at the san pedro animal shelter after searching for about two months. in between that time we had gone through some disappointments and heart aches. the reality of finding a pet from a non breeder is really sad. going to the shelters every couple weeks and searching online for a pet wasn't easy. there are way too many beautiful and loving animals that need a home and so supporting a breeder was just out of the question. what i like about the animal shelters is.. you're rescuing a doggy because after a couple weeks if nobody adopts they euthanize the animals, you have so many breeds and ages to choose from, they spay and neuter, microchip and vaccinate your pets before you take them home. we got Lucky on a day the dogs were on sale so we saved about forty dollars, they gave us doggy food and natural snacks, toys and a cot for him to sleep on (of course he usually sleeps snuggled up with the kids). after living with him about a month now i would say that we are the lucky ones here. lucky is very loving and patient with the kids, he's potty trained, he doesn't bark like crazy and just the perfect first pet for Niko and Luna. the kids just can't get enough of him and he's pretty much our new baby..
taking Lucky home from the animal shelter. 
i would say this is the only good picture of him since he's TERRIFIED of being photographed. 
Lucky and Luna, "the neighborhood watch" 
as i have said before Niko changes best friends very frequently, so Lucky is his best friend too.
and Lucky just loves all the attention  he can get! this video was taken tonight :)

p.s. I hope you all had a wonderful thankgiving! our day was just perfect and the food was amazing!
XOXO, Liz 


Marcela said...

Congrats on your brand new family member!!!

thinkpriddy said...

aww, that's so sweet of you guys to adopt a puppy in need! <3 Stay strong mama :)

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