Monday, October 17, 2011


i love many different types of music and i seem to get stuck in a certain mood at times. right now im in a soul, old rock and roll mood, think 60's and 70's rock, soul and funk.  for me, it is important to sing and play old music for my kids im really not into the new music that is being played on the radio and i definitely don't want my kiddos singing those songs. im sure it'll happen one day that i won't have control over what they like and listen to, but for now they get to sing and dance to the songs that i listened to with my mommy. this playlist is  a reminder of my childhood. i loved diana ross and donna summer and jackson 5, of course. and recently my mom and i had a beatles marathon and sang along to some of our favorite beatles songs, i loved that day. i hope that my kids still have appreciation for older music as they grow up. music is important in our home and it feeds our soul. hope you're having a great start to your week! i have loads and loads of laundry waiting for me. not very exciting but that's life! XO
Luna about six months old, she is fascinated with vinyl and her papa has thousands of records. 
she can make huge messes sometimes! 

Standalone player

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