Monday, October 24, 2011


happy monday! for today's playlist, i set up a bunch of my all time favorite songs, well maybe not all. now i feel like i need to make part two. so much music that i love from the nineties did not make it to this playlist but man, so much happened during that decade. yes, i was in elementarty in 1992 but by the end of 1999 i was in high school so, see, a whole lot happened. i loved watching full house, fresh prince of bell air, family matters, and listened to snoop dogg in 1996. hmm, i was a bit young to be bobbing my head to gangster rap, maybe.. but i still love it. anyways, today i went to the theaters with a friend and watched a really awesome movie, 50/50. if you haven't seen it, i truly recommend it. have a great week, and hope you like my playlist! xo Liz
i loved those mc hammer pants!! i still do, maybe i could make some harem pants 
for the kids and i sometime! im sure with a pattern, it'll be easy to make. 

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thinkpriddy said...

hahaha OMG this pattern

giselaandzoe said...

gotta love those MC hammer pants..flashback!

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