Friday, September 2, 2011


yesterday we took the kids to their first dentist appointment and it was pretty much a nightmare. i mean, it could of been worse but niko was scared and crying and it made me want to just get up and leave. for a couple seconds i wanted to cry too, i hate to see my son scared. we tried talking to him and giving him hugs but the dentist was actually a scary guy so i don't blame him. luna didn't really open her mouth so all they did was put some fluoride tooth paste on her teeth but forcefully. i talked to the dentist assistant and she could tell that luna used the pacifier because of her buck teeth but she doesn't really use the pacifier. not as much as niko. well she told me to just wean them from the pacifier because it could really ruin their teeth. not like its news to me, and i have been wanting to get rid of the pacifiers but didn't have the courage. since raoul went to l.a. last night for his weekly and his new radio show (which started yesterday!) i decided to just completely take it away. there's no going back. the pacifiers are a thing of the past and we need to move forward. i am mentally prepared to deal with the crying and yesterday there wasn't any tears, just a whole lot of begging. this morning he got a little aggressive while asking for his "TEE" thats the name niko gave his pacifer. all i do is repeat that its gone, there's no more pacifier, its not good for you, its in the trash, the doctor said you can't have it anymore, you don't need it, etc. so far its been one night, but i am so proud of niko and i. pacifiers have been in our life since he was born but life needs to go on without them. have a great weekend my loves, xo. 


Ana said...

I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to wean Evie (almost 2) from the binky. I only let her have it when she sleeps. My situation is worse with my 4 year old, she sucks her thumb and has a overbite. I'm constantly telling her to take her thumb out of her mouth. She likes to suck when she is watching tv and going to sleep. This week we decided to night train my 4 year old and have her stop wearing diapers at night. So far so good! Next I'm going to concentrate on having her stop sucking her thumb. I may have to start putting tape on that little thumb. All the best!

Mommy Mi said...

I am so proud of you and Niko! Its tough but you are both really strong!!!
Love the positive feel!!
(sorry i didnt call u about the dentist)

Yoly said...

We had a horrible dentist experience a couple of weeks ago with Lily. She was gagging the whole time the X-rays were taken and so no real good x-rays. When the cleaning came she was also gagging and it didn't help that the dentist was super mean :( I called back later and gave the office a piece of my We will try again, but now with the Super Dentists.

Good luck with Nico and Luna..looks like you are already doing a great job :)

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