Thursday, August 18, 2011


its been almost a week since i have been able to post anything and when i dont blog, i miss it. but life gets hectic when you have kiddos at home. this week we got rid of lunas crib and got her a toddler bed like niko. she is only eighteen months but she just wasn't digging her crib anymore and was furious every time we put her down in her crib. she liked nikos bed or mama and papa's bed so now she has her own. we also set up the book shelves and organized a lot more in the kiddo room. its been a work in progress for say, two years. yesterday i got a new camera and need to learn how to use that thing. maybe i should take a photography class? i ended up getting this one. another huge milestone next to luna's new bed... niko and i went to see a preschool for him and i think we found a good one! we'll see if they'll have availability in septermber. some scary stuff happening over here. also today is the last chance to enter the shutterfly giveaway. if you want to win a photo book of your own just comment here and let me know you want it! have a happy thursday! xo 

mommy and baby playground fun while niko's at his grandma's house. 
outside kmart where i bought my camera.
the kiddos at the swap meet. we didn't buy any of this. 

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Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

that little girl of yours looks as cute as she can get in the pic of her on the swing! She actually looks like she´s sitting in a hanging bucket... ready to be kissed to death!!!! I could eat her up!

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