Saturday, July 9, 2011


i have so many pictures from niko's third birthday party it was kinda overwhelming just thinking about having to resize each picture. but here are some highlights from the party. we celebrated in l.a. at grandmas house (niko's favorite place in the whole world, its no secret he's the biggest grandma's boy!) and she was such a huge help with pretty much everything. i am so grateful that she put on such an amazing birthday party for niko  and we all had so much fun. we thought we were gonna get a jumper with a water slide and it turned out we just got a huge water slide. we thought the little kids weren't gonna get to enjoy it so we made   a last minute trip to target (my favorite store in the world)  and bought a little kids pool. well turned out pretty perfect, the little kids were inside the slide including luna. another super cool thing was the cake. everyone was loving the incredible cake i ordered from sin sweets. every day for about a month before niko's party he would say "i want mario cake!" so i had to order the ultimate super mario cake to match the party theme. if you know this little bee, you'd know he is obsessed with super mario. every day he likes to watch super mario videos and plays the games on his ds and the wii. confession:: i play too, and its fun and not to brag but im pretty good. niko's aunt made some really cute cupcakes too it was the sweetest thing that she took the time to make them and they came out so good. she made little goombas  and mushrooms. in the kids goodie bags were super mario stickers, tattoos, crayons and coloring books and mustaches. it was cute seeing the kids all mustached out towards the end of the party. niko's birthday fell on a monday this year so we had another small celebration with our san diego friends and family. i will share with you as soon as i can. the video below was made by niko's papa. he makes the coolest videos. i had a really cute outfit in mind for nikos birthday but since there was a pool and water slide going on he just didn't want to wear clothes and i couldn't force him so he ended up wearing swim trunks all day. and he accessorized with the visors grandma gave out to the kids. loved it. 

mama wore: dress, foreign exchange. shoes, toms. luna wore: swimsuit, kate mack


thinkpriddy said...

it's a music video! coconut records is a band. you probably recognize the leadman, Jason Schwartzman <3

Baby Shopaholic said...

What a cute party! your kids are darling!

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