Friday, July 8, 2011


this flashback only goes back one year. niko's second birthday party, back when he was wild for yo gabba gabba. his favorite character was brobee (the green one) and he still likes the show and sometimes watches the dvds but super mario has taken over his life. last years party was celebrated only two blocks away from home at a tiny park that we go to all the time. the cake was made by my friend's mom and my friend valerie painted kids faces. i was so honored that she could come and do that for the kids because she's such a talented makeup artist. i mean this girl does new york and paris fashion week, magazines and commercials. but she's such a good sport about everything and loves her niko bee. and niko goes crazy for her too. when the kids were breaking the muno piƱata niko got a little worried and didn't want the kids to hit it. it was really sweet and i kinda felt bad because he didn't understand why they were hitting his buddy muno. but he quickly got over it and was happy that once they broke it candy came out. i also got crayons made from a seller on etsy and made some muno, brobee and plex shirts out of felt. they were pretty easy to make but i was alone for so long with the kids so time was really not on my side and i glued them instead of sewing them. i think they would of been a lot better sewed. anyways. tomorrow i will come back with nikos third birthday party. have an awesome weekend! xoxo liz

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