Friday, June 17, 2011


it had been since last october the last time we came to the new children's museum in downtown and boy did the kiddos have fun. we arrived around one and niko went straight to the painting area, got his hands covered with purple paint and went all in. somehow my jeans got full of paint too, and of course, his face, shoes and clothes were covered in purple. that was just the beginning. i really love this place because they always have different exhibitions for kids to play, think and create. i think i might have gone picture crazy here but i couldn't help myself. i was loving watching my babies have fun. they' have a little room with cd turntables and a mixer where niko had fun. he loves scratching records because his papa lets him do it at home so when he saw it there he was not even shy to show off his skills. luna wore the cutest little vintage dress i got from frock you. its the sweetest little dress but i am not sure she can wear it again. i kinda had a hard time taking it off, but i think im gonna squeeze it in again asap. anyways, this trip to the museum reassured me that niko really needs to go to school soon, only if i could get him potty trained.

Niko wore: shirt, target. jeans, h&m. shoes, old navy. 
Luna wore: dress, vintage. leggings, old navy. sandals, handed down.

for more kiddo fashion check hart+sew and mama loves papa.


ingrid said...

Wow, it looks like an amazing set-up for kids. They look like they are having so much fun.
I love Lunas little dress - definitely worth squeezing in another wear if you can. I have been known to twist my kids like pretzels to get another wear out of a favourite outfit!

thinkpriddy said...

adorable photos! glad you all had a fun time at the museum.

Stacy said...

that dress is so sweet! hope you get more than just one more wear out of it, it's always so sad when kids grow out of clothes so fast. looks like you had a fun day at the museum!

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