Friday, May 6, 2011


i had so much fun at el camino with my two best buds! i swear we need to do this at least once a month. before the bar liza and i  went thrift shopping  (i found a couple of vintage gems, i will share with u soon) and tried a new vegan restaurant. my fake shrimp was scrumptious by the way. later we met up with Lynda at el camino where we drank beer out of a boot. have you ever had beer out of a boot? first time for me! man, these very rare times i get to spend with my buds are so appreciated. they keep me sane, the daily routine can drive you up the wall sometimes. oh and again, Thank You so very much for voting for me at circle of moms! it was a fun experience. along the way, i got to meet some incredible mamas who i now consider my new buds, here's the links to their blogs if you want to peep over and say hello! Claudia at  HandmadeConAmor, Marcela at CultureMami, Emily at MemeAndHe and at LolaLovelyPreAdored. after years of not hanging with my dad's side of the family (some live about 10 minutes away too, im so bad), i will see them this sunday and im pretty excited! gotta figure out what to wear, do you have any mothers day plans or gift ideas? i have to get a gift for my mama too... gees.. gotta get to it! be back soon. xo Liz

YES, we did have a photo shoot in the ladies room. so what?


drea said...

Yayy. I need a night out like this. I'm so jealous! Glad you had fun mama!

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Me encanta your T!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!! you rock! have a beautiful mamita´s day, sweetie!! abrazo!!!!

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