Monday, March 7, 2011


my Luna bug is sick with lots of coughing and boogers. today we spent our day shopping from fry's to ikea to whole foods. the kids were so good even though they have little colds. i found a cough medicine i thought would be good and it turned out to the hardest thing to get into their mouths. they kept spitting it out and getting it all over their clothes, neck and hair. its a honey based cough medicine by little remedies. i hope they get over this cold asap. there's nothing worst for a mom than to see your babies in pain.
one of the coolest parts of today was watching Niko play with his new Mario and Luigi toys we found at Fry's. after spending half an hour their Luna and I went to the car so i decided to snap some pictures. i love to see her in her crochet head band our friend Tassia made for her birthday. i still need to upload the pictures from freak city but need the cables for it since its a new camera. have a happy week! xo Liz

Luna is wearing: headband, handmade. sweater, hello kitty-h&m. shirt, alternative apparel (handed down from Niko). pants, h&m. socks, target. shoes, harajuku lovers. 

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