Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rye Rye at Freak City L.A.

last Saturday we were in L.A. and Raoul had the night off so we rolled up to Hollywood to see our friends  Rye Rye  and Von Kiss perform. the party was so packed with some pretty fashionable people. i really loved Rye's dress at the beginning of the night, it was custom made for her by Dime Piece. as we walked in the building there was some photo shoots happening on the first floor, people breaking on the second and the party was happening on the third floor. the gay boys were out and reppin their 80's hip hop gear, i could of sworn i saw afrika bambaataa that night, hope your weekend's going great. the weather in San Diego is pretty fantastic but i got 2 babies with colds in the house. be back tomorrow with more freak city swaggers! xo Liz

Rye Rye - at Freak City L.A.

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