Tuesday, March 15, 2011


okay i know im posting this a week late but i have some serious catching up to do here on the blog. last Tuesday was womans day and i celebrated with my lovely friend tassia. we went to starbucks first to watch her 14 year old brother and dad perform. they had open mic night and miles (her little bro) was the cutest thing ever. he sang "we're gonna be friends" while his dad played the guitar. afterwards, we went to eat at a restaurant that's about 4 blocks from my house. i had never been there, its called alchemy. they have a very eclectic menu, my favorite dish was the pumpkin soup. go figure, we also ordered ceviche, pad thai, and calamari. to tell you the truth its not a place i would go to again. the food was okay but kinda bland. i really enjoyed my time alone with my friend though. we had fun talking and joking. i actually got a lot of tassia action last week since we met up the next day, we picked her up to go to the farmers market and enjoyed some beers and pupusas with her and raoul. thrusday we went to a couple vintage shops looking for furniture but instead we found a vtg sesame street book from rusty gold and a really cute 1940's romper for Luna Elise from frock you. hope ya'll celebrated womans day too! next year we should plan a big party! xo Liz

and if you want a painting that reminds you of a penis you can get it at the restaurant for only a couple g's. no big deal. its not a pink penis of life, its "tree of life"

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