Friday, December 3, 2010

Niko's Christmas Wish List

Stylin' Vintage Coat. Niko would rock it like no other! From 3RingCircus.

Cars slippers, I saw these at target and I know Niko would love them! I should have bought them then  I hope I can find them when I go back. These were found online.

The Giving Tree (book) One of my favorites as a child.

 Where The Wild Things Are (book) and Movie!  Old and New!

 Cool and comfy jacket from This one is just his style! Niko got swagger!

Old school Nintendo with Super Mario Brothers game. I can get one at the swapmeet! I want to play with him too. Niko loves Mario, he says "Me Mario" every day! It says that when you turn on the Nintendo DS :) This could be a good way to bond with my little Bee! 

YO GABBA GABBA Vans shoes. LOVE! He needs new shoes anyways...

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