Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting my favorite band: NORTEC COLLECTIVE

After getting back from a not so fun shopping experience at Ikea, I got home and checked my facebook on my phone. I couldn't believe my eyes "nortec playing an instore performance" at a record store down the street, M-Theory Music. We rushed over and made it 50 minutes after their performance started and they only played a 30 minute dj set. We got to talk to them a little bit and since they're from my hometown, Tijuana, they just feel like family. I have such a strong connection with their music. Their music is a mix of electronic music and norteƱo. I have been a super fan for years and have only seen them live once. Seeing them play live was amazing and it was a magical feeling I got from watching them. Nortec Collective is a collaboration of different musicians who sometimes all play together and sometimes it's just 2 or 3. It's  Bostich, Fussible, Clorofila and Hiperboreal but they do so many different projects and collaborations that its hard to keep up with their musicians. They play electronics (turntables), live visuals, acordeon, trumpet, guitar, clarinet, tuba and sixth bass. Oh yea, they're nominated again for a GRAMMY! I hope they win!
My grandfather was in a mariachi band since he was 12 years old, he played the trumpet, and growing up we always heard him, his brothers and my great grandfather playing together. So I think part of my love for Nortec comes from those memories and the techno disco part comes from my childhood as well. I have been a disco freak ever since I could remember. Donna Summer was the best singer for me when I was about 5-6 years old. I wish I could go see them play tonight but Raoul has a gig in Orange County and I have no babysitter. I hope to catch them soon with Raoul. I play their music all the time but nothing beats seeing them live. It's an overwhelming feeling of joy!

Pepe Mogt aka Fussible aka Latinziser of Nortec Collective and Luna. 
Ramon aka Bostich of Nortec Collective with Niko and Luna. 

"Tijuana Sound Machine"

"Brown Bike"

"Tijuana Makes Me Happy"

"Tengo La Voz"

"BabyRock Rock"

"Akai 47"

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