Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair Emergency

Somebody needs a bang trim asap! I can't believe how out of control Luna's hair gets. I have been pinning her bangs to the side with a clip lately but we need to make our way to the salon very soon. She also just started crawling about a week ago and I'm not used to it. She is 10 months and keeps disappearing to cause chaos in daddy's record collection. She can't stay away from the Christmas tree either. This was taken at Balboa Park, we were there to kill a little time before picking up Papa from the airport. Niko was sleeping in the car right in front of us. We hung out next to the car while I ate my veggie burger and Luna tried to eat the grass. She won't take no for an answer :) She's a funny little girl. I love her little face. She's my world! 

Luna is wearing: Shirt, Harajuku Lovers. Pants, H&M. Shoes, Nike- Jordan. 

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