Saturday, November 20, 2010

Listen to... Flying Lotus

I had one of those days today. Today I am venting on here. My Niko is potty training now, he's 2 and a half and man it can get messy. Niko is so stubborn and has to have everything go his way, or else!
He's so attached to me which is nice but not so much since I can't leave him with anyone, not even for 5 minutes. He will cry as soon as he can't see me. Today, like most days, I couldn't take a full shower. I did, but towards the end I had to rush. I left Niko watching his favorite cartoons, Pingu, and Luna was asleep in her bed. Niko decided to go in the room and take his loud toy car in there and wake her up.
Luna cried so loud that I could hear her while I was in the shower. Niko also went under the sink and got a cleaner and sprayed it all over the kitchen floor. Mama is tired. So, to mellow out after the kids go to sleep I play pretty music. Flying Lotus makes the prettiest music. Watching him live is always a treat since he always plays different sets, sometimes disco style, sometimes drum and bass, sometimes very abstract and glitchy, and sometimes some good old dub step. Here is Flying Lotus (Steve) and Niko (at 10months old)at Coachella. Niko has been listening to Flylo since he was in my belly!
Niko got to see his daddy and Flying Lotus play at Coachella 2 years ago! It was loads of fun! He wasn't walking yet, but he sure was dancing!


tea leaf dancers


Unexpected Delight feat. Laura Darlington

Massage Situation

Flying Lotus has a record label too, you can check him and other artists out here.

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