Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabella!

I can not believe my niece Isabella just had a birthday. Time flies with these little munchkins! Soon my Luna will turn one too (in February)! Yikes! I gotta start birthday party planning again! I do worry for rain on her birthday, which is most likely since it was pouring on the day she was born! This Saturday we celebrated my niece's first birthday and her baptism. My kiddos and I got there extremely late, due to my kids being such a mess (so was i). I had to change Niko's pants and shirt 3 times. I had to wash his hair since he decided to pour a travel size baby shampoo on his head. Extra diaper changes. A long and emotional phone call with Raoul. Not having anything to wear. Bad hair day. The list goes on... 
Once we got there, it was pretty cool. My brother and dad were there. I hardly see my little brother and the funny thing is that Niko loves him so much and warms up to him as soon as he sees him. I find it quite peculiar and beautiful at the same time. After the birthday party was "the fight"  which I did watch. Only by accident. I don't enjoy watching boxing or any sport that promotes violence. I don't agree and this is my opinion. I did enjoy family time though. I love my family oh so much! Here's a few pictures from the celebration. 

The birthday girl! 

my sis Michelle, her daughter, myself and my daughter. 
                                                 my mama and my niece Alex.
                                                            my papa and my daughter.
                                               my sis Melissa and her hubby.. (acting silly)

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