Sunday, October 31, 2010

Style Icon : Debbie Harry

Oh the style of Debbie Harry... She is so beautiful that she could have really worn anything and made it look hot. She was so cool and pretty that she was even a muse to the legendary Andy Warhol. Her moves while performing were totally unique and oh so fabulous! Blondie was started back in 1974 when disco was still hot, she was in another band before that called "The Stilettos" I would love to hear what they sounded like, since it was around 1968-1969, I'm sure it was the first sounds of disco.. and I do love the history of disco, oh yea! Some may say Debbie Harry was the first woman to rap, but I think it might just be on television (Rapture video).
So as we all know, the 80's punk era was hooked on heroin, which makes everything hard. Including, the commitments of being in an amazing band like Blondie. There was also money issues and they split and did projects on their own. The drummer did get to work with other cool bands like The Eurythmics, The Ramones, Iggy Pop and so on...
Enjoy the beauty of the punk goddess herself, Debbie Harry. I love her cheekbones!

Interview (1979)

Eat to the BEAT! by Blondie (one of my favorites)

Dreaming by Blondie (another one of my favorites)

Call Me by Blondie

Heart Of Glass by Blondie

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