Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Niko has been spotting pumpkins everywhere lately and when he does, he yells "PUMPKIN!"
We were invited over to Eric and Sarah's house to carve pumpkins and we had so much fun!
They are the cutest couple and we just love them! This was actually the first time we hung out and right away Niko felt at home.

Niko with the pumpkin.. so proud, as if he carved it himself :)

Luna playing with her giraffe teething toy and Shy Violet.

Our Halloween was very chill. We did some trick or treating (about one block).
We pretty much just walked with Lynda and her family and only got candy from one house.
I really wasn't trying to get candy in Niko's hands. The neighbors had some pretty awesome Halloween decorations. Some were really spooky! Niko was scared, for the first time. I didn't like that part.
We went back to Lynda's house and hung out with the family. The kids played and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was an extremely short Halloween celebration, but at least we got out of the house!

Rocky (dinosaur) and Niko (cowboy) enjoying their lolly-pops.

Luna Bee looking a bit confused.

The Monster Mash

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