Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It isn't too often that i get to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks. So when I got invited to this beer and beauty themed event i was stoked. Little did I know I'd get to not only be with the coolest moms on the planet (juie and jess) but have some delicious fruit flavored beer from Goose Island (my favorite was the Sophie beer), eat amazing chocolate flavors by Wild Ophelia, get my brows waxed and makeup touched up with an including gift card to purchase makeup from Benefit Cosmetics ... Come on, my mind was blown but I had to play it cool like it was no biggie, but it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my outing with Julie, chatting with her and Jess was so refreshing and uplifting. It totally makes me want to plan a girls night and serve these fruit flavored beer, some flavors included blackberries and others had a citrus twist to them. And the packaging was pretty and feminine, so glad I know about Goose Island beer now, before this beer wasn't too appealing to me! The Wild Ophelia chocolates had flavors of peanut butter-banana, bbq potato chips, beef jerky and southern hibiscus peach, they were all amazing but I gotta say the bbq potato chips were my fave. The ladies working at Benefit were really nice and helpful, they made me feel so comfortable. I once was a makeup artist, long ago when I didn't have babies and now I am a stranger to makeup it seems. I rarely wear it and when I do, I feel weird. The girl who touched up my makeup applied a purplish lipstick and it was actually nice to have something different on my face. I have worn the same lipstick since the 90's, yes the 90s!! and its a more natural color so when the weekend came I put on my new lipstick by benefit called espionage, i love it!
I really hope we can do something like this again because all of this combined made it into a perfect girls night out for us!
last photo from jess @ irocksowhat


Chris said...

You look fantastic! Good recap and I'm glad y'all went out. I follow a lot of mom blogs and it seems they never get time to themselves (or with their gfs w/o the children). Right on!

Citlalli Cuevas said...

Hello there!
it looks like so much fun, you look so pretty!

Have a nice day :)

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