Sunday, June 23, 2013


i guess it doesn't hurt taking the kids to vegas once a year. but man, that heat is brutal! papa had a gig this thursday before the big edc weekend happened. there was plur in the air for sure. we walked just outside our hotel to a mini concert of "queen" which has become nikos favorite band as of late. they played a couple songs on the ceiling with lights. its like  a huge digital screen of lights for everyone to enjoy and be amazed. we were obviously. we walked around and spotted all our favorite cartoon characters, hello kitty, spiderman, darth vader, stormtrooper, spongebob squarepants and a few others. we walked over to the bar where papa was going to play, the beauty bar and chatted with the promoters then grabbed some food and alchoholic icees. i got the mudslide and it was just perfect for walking around in the hot hot heat. the thing about traveling with the kids nowadays is that niko usually gets irritable at night. he cries and says he wants to go home and then i regret taking them in the first place. since papa's job requires so much traveling and at times we can come along i want to take advantage of that and show the kids as much of the world as i can. i just hope niko starts to enjoy adventure more as he gets older.

 that's a person flying across on a rope. looks so fun!!
 we live close to a "niko's pizza" here in san pedro so it was cool spotting "luna's pizza" :)
 best bar name ever.
 photo by Niko
lights at the hotel.

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