Tuesday, March 19, 2013


we are done with the chaos from the co-op's annual talent show. its a big fund raiser and all the parents have to be involved. it stressed me out for a little bit because the kids were sick for about two weeks and i was expected to sell 150 raffle tickets for a buck each and get donations for the raffle. somehow i did it. super last minute and i had to buy about thirty of the tickets but we're done. and this preschool talent show was the cutest thing ever. three year olds getting on the mic to sing.. and dance and play the harmonica & piano. ah. so adorable. but when it came time for my boy to do his dance, he just stood there shaking his head. no way he was going to do anything. even with his grandma shaking a dollar bill for motivation. i love this photo of niko after the talent show though. he is standing next to his favorite girl, Cece. his first "girlfriend" according to him.
we came home after the talent show and got in our pj's and hung around relaxing. luna has to take baths almost every day and soak in for a while cause she gets into all the things she shouldn't. like painting her face with markers to look like a tiger or red lipstick all over her mouth to look "pweety".

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