Wednesday, October 10, 2012


while i was in mexico city i discovered and fell in love with the photography by alain delorme. these photos from chinese couriers were snapped so beautifully, i am not sure if they were photoshopped or not to have so much piled up and be carried on a tiny bike seems impossible. but i've learned that the impossible is always possible. so, what i wanna know is.. where were these dudes while we were moving a couple weeks ago? i am all settled into my new place in san pedro but i still have to go through a few miscellaneous boxes. i am a bit of a hoarder. i tend to keep random junk in boxes i guess. must break this habit! 


Michelle said...

These photos really cool! For the sake of those people, I hope the loads have been exaggerated, can you imagine?!
Moving with little ones is definitely up there as one of the most difficult tasks I've undertaken. I wish you luck with unpacking.

Yoly said...

Oh my! These people must be really be eating their Wheaties! Amazing photography though...thanks for sharing! I too just moved...I'm a hoarder too...bad habit!!!

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