Friday, August 24, 2012


this is the most photo heavy post as of yet. i mean, there's a ton of photos. hope u don't mind.

we were in mexico city for a total of ten days... we originally had five or six cities to visit scheduled but with the whole problem that we had we only stayed in one city. a whole week went by with me and the kids dealing with illness, vomiting and trying to figure out how to get papa out of place he was being held at.
we had our flight scheduled for a monday morning and friday evening i decided that the weekend was going to be spent out and about, having fun with friends and the kids as they had already recovered from their fever and stomach bug. i did feel guilty enjoying myself while papa was being held like a prisoner. and then i thought about the kids. i usually don't have them inside a house for a week in a row. so i thought i owed it to them to have a nice time in mexico after we were already there. the weekend before we came back home we went to the frida khalo museum, which was the house where her and diego rivera lived as a married couple. we roamed around her old neighborhood. it is a beautiful little town called "coyoacan" so much beauty and culture. we sat at a park and watched a mime put on a show, we had ice cream, bought candy and little souvenirs. then we went back home with the friends we were staying with and had some beers and played video games.
sunday was spent in "colonia roma" and "la condesa" those two neighborhoods are very similar to new york city. it is where i would live if i ever moved to mexico city, i wouldn't move there just hypothetically. these two neighborhoods are right next to each other & have all the cool and hip shops and restaurants. the city is filled with artists and musicians, foreigners and people with style. even the street vendors have amazing food.
anyway.. sunday, we walked around the neigborhood and shopped at their weekly vintage flea market. we walked to local stores and saw some art galleries. then we took the littles to the coolest playground i have ever seen in mexico. a playground so colorful and safe. i remember being there two years ago with the kids and watching a local jazz band playing there. while the band was playing i remember vividly savoring the moment and truly appreciating being there with my kids and our good friend lili. the next day we took off at 5:30am to come back home, i only slept one hour. i had a lot of luggage and two kids to carry. because they were both in the mood to be carried. but once we got on the plane, i had a balloon i kept blowing and letting the air out to make that funny sound and they giggled and then went to sleep for most of the flight. good thing my sister was waiting for us at the gate when we arrived. later when we got to her house i took the best bubble bath of my life, and for that simple act of thoughtfulness, i will always treasure that time. a simple thing like a twenty minute bubble bath made this tired mama so happy that day. it was exactly what i needed.


Sassy Stilettos said...

I really enjoyed all the pictures!!

Xenia G. said...

I love these photos!!!

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