Monday, May 14, 2012


i hope you all have the loveliest mothers day yesterday. my day was spent with my family hanging out, going to hollywood for some argentinian food, and a bit of shopping. pretty perfect day for this mama. today, i will be packing for mexico, we're leaving at the end of the week for a week and a half and i am looking forward to the adventures, food and seeing our friends. i am hopeful that luna gets over her cold before we go though. i am hoping to post photos as we go along from city to city. this time we will be hitting up about five new cities, super excited!! 
for this music monday, i couldn't think of a more perfect song than As by Stevie Wonder. i was listening to it this weekend and it's the most beautifully written song ever. i love me some stevie wonder, his music has so much soul and feeling behind it. hope you love it too. 
this photo was taken almost two years ago in guadalajara. via instagram. 

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Color Land said...

Happy be lated mothers day! Your day sounds like so much fun and the best company! Love argentinian food, hope you enjoy it!

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