Wednesday, April 11, 2012


yesterday we had a picnic at a really cool park here in long beach.  el dorado park has so much space for bbq's & fishing & its also great for photo shoots. we spent our day looking at cute animals & birds, feeding the ducks & running around. it was a pretty perfect day so i really didn't see rain coming last night, but it rained and today has been spent indoors. i do have so many photos to edit & upload and post here on the blog but every day since i got back from san diego has consumed me with the randomest stuff. i have since downloaded the instagram app on my phone & i'm all about it! if you have ig you can find me at : peachonearth. i love all the filters you can use to change your photos. & let me tell you, if it wasn't for editing all the photos i post here would suck even more. i really need to take a photography class soon because my photography skills are very slim & it's really frustrating.
days spent with my family like this are the greatest to a mama like me, it's all i live for now. to have my kiddos have fun & discover new things with us. but i do want to do more things with my days too.. i have been struggling with balance ever since becoming a mom. i look at some moms & it looks like they have so much more going on for themselves than keeping up with the house & kids. i think this moment is where i start making lists & scratching them off. i will be back with photos from our easter. hope you're having an awesome day! xoxo Liz
Luna wore: dress, vintage aga. minnetonka moccasins, from a farmers market. 
Niko wore: overall shorts & rain boots, target. shirt, h&m. ((he dressed himself!)) 
our dusty shoes after our nature walk. 


Lil Muse Lily said...

i know you have two instead of just one but we are so on the same page mama! i too have struggled with balance until now. i have realized that all the pressure was me putting on myself and have decided to just chill out and take things one moment at a time and all is much better that way.
we have been having lots of picnics too. enjoy!

Hannah Avery said...

They are adorable! Looks like you had so much fun! Our husbands and children are our greatest gifts from God, and it's only natural to want to enjoy your gifts!


Marcela said...

What a fun day! Your kids are just darling!

Ana said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a beautiful park.

Sweet Marie said...

Your family is so sweet! And I am dying over Luna's awesome Moccasins!! Jealous.

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