Saturday, April 28, 2012


today is a big day for our family! Raoul's sister is getting married!! i am so excited for her & can't wait to be a part of this lovely celebration. there will be lots of dancing happening tonight for sure!
then we are going to be heading to the sesame street exhibition this Sunday before our trip to Vegas. i can't wait to see Luna's little face as she observes all the amazing Elmo interpretations in the gallery. it's going to be cute overload! then we join Papa on his trip to Vegas because.. why not? he is playing only one night but we thought we'd tag along for the ride. i don't really like Vegas, specially for kids but i think it'll be fun for one day. i think a family trip is overdue. i just hope they don't go crazy during the drive.
we've driven with Niko to SF and it wasn't my favorite time. hope you have a lovely weekend! xo
photos via @knowngallery instagram

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Yoly said...

Excited for Luna! Have fun in Vegas, and be sure to take them to the M&M store for a sugar overload :)

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