Monday, March 19, 2012


when i started pinning my life away on pinterst i started finding all kinds of new recipes that not only look and sound different but also super delicious. i don't know about you but i tend to get stuck on a rut cooking the same meals over and over and i don't want to be bored with my own food. i want to explore new tastes and cultures through food. so this year i challenged myself to try at least one new recipe a week. and i have been doing great at it and loving new and exciting meals to share with my family. so far all the recipes i've tried are winners and the mister gives me a high five after he's done eating. :)
i am so excited about this recipe because it has become my new favorite & the mister loves it too!super simple and super delicious! the result of this recipe is kind of a sweet & spicy taste, very flavorful. if you don't like spice too much make sure you don't add too much of the chipotle pepper skin or the seeds & just add the sauce. i found this recipe on pinterest but once i looked it up you had to buy a subscription with the magazine so i found it on and made some changes since i didn't have the exact ingredients i substituted for something similar. i tend to do that a lot but the results are usually pleasant. okay on with the recipe.. & this is the end result.
 ingredients for the chicken:::
 ingredients for the dipping sauce:::
preparing the chicken::: 
1. cut your chicken in small pieces to fit your skewers 
2. coat your chicken in brown sugar, just toss the chicken so it has a light coat of brown sugar
3. cut cilantro & chipotle peppers finely then mix in the seasonings (salt, paprika, pepper, garlic salt)
4. put your chicken in skewers and on a rack or do like i do. its important to cover the bottom of your pan with aluminum foil since it drips and it will stick. makes clean cup super easy!
5. bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  
for the dipping sauce:::
mix half and half sour cream and mayonnaise
squeeze half of a lemon juice
a teaspoon of each seasoning   
 a table spoon of finely cut cilantro 
two tablespoons of finely cut scallions. 

(NOTE: like any other chicken meal you can prep this the day before and let it marinate overnight. i haven't done that just yet since i usually don't plan my meals a head of time as i should but I'm sure the taste would be great letting it sit for that long, and a lot easier to cook the next day, just a suggestion!)

i used the cilantro dipping sauce to eat with my veggies & i smothered it in mashed potatoes too. i love the taste so much! probably not the healthiest  but its so good i can't help it!
here's the end result again.. 
and for fun, here's the mister after eating his dinner :)
i hope you enjoy this recipe if you decide to try it for yourself! i would love to hear if you try it! Liz 


Color Land said...

hello there!
your post makes me hungry, I think i'll try this recipe soon, it sounds easy and delicious :)

Yoly said...

Wow..Everything looks yummy!!! I'm a vegetarian, but I will sub the meat for veggies. That pintrest is

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