Friday, February 3, 2012


as i mentioned before i lost every single photo i ever posted on the blog.. so its not like i can link back to a post. i wish i could so i could revisit luna's birthday celebration last year. so much happens within one year and its photos that can help me visualize the moments. still bummed about my photos on the blog but im thankful that we have had some incredible experiences in our lives. this child of mine will be two on sunday. and i might cry. seriously though... i am feeling so emotional about my baby turning two. i just want to pause my life for a moment and stare at my kids. i mean, i do it while they sleep but its a part of parenting i guess. with all the sappiness said, i am incredibly grateful for having such a sweet little girl. she is my world.
Luna is wearing : vintage dress from pitter pattern. sweater, old navy. shoes, gymboree, tights, walmart.
Mama is wearing: dress, vintage. shoes, seychelles. glasses, betsey johnson. 
AND... last years birthday video. Papa put together small clips of Luna's first year and this song by the beatles was just the perfect one to go along with it. i remember putting her to sleep while i sang that song to her. this year we haven't done enough video of them to put together something like this but i do want to make one every year. we'll see what we come up with! xoxo. 


Ana said...

What pretty little ladies you two are. She looks adorable in Yellow and you look so pretty. I love, love, love your entire look! I know how you feel about the kids growing. My Julia is turning 5 this month. Five years ago I waddling around with a huge baby inside (she was 9 lbs)me. :)

Yoly said...

Love Luna's sweater and your shoes....amazing girl!!! Let me tell you that it doesn't get any easier seeing our babies grow. I tell Lily, stop growing!!! Happy Birthday to sweet Luna!

Color Land said...

Happy birthday Luna!
I know exactly what you mean, I can't believe my girl is seven, time goes soooo fast.... enjoy your kidos and have fun everyday!
Love your outfits!

christinerojas said...

CUTEST mommy, daughter duo ;)

Itzel Yagual said...

Happy B-Day to the little princess! I have a 5 year old- I can completely sympathize with you..don't they grow so fast?

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