Monday, January 2, 2012


i was listening to this song last week without thinking that it actually makes sense for the new year. i feel like with all the hopes and plans the new year brings we have to remind ourselves to make time for little things. little things that make a big difference later or little things that are a big deal to someone else. i am currently pondering of my new years resolutions and trying to distinguish them from goals or short term and long term plans. there are many great things to dream about in life but one thing for sure is, last year was a great year and not one day went by that i wasn't grateful for. some days were more challenging than others but each one had beauty in it. hope you all had a wonderful new year celebration! xoxo

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Color Land said...

Totally agree, simple things are the ones that make a difference everyday!
Wish you and yours a 2012 full of love, health, peace and everything you dream of :)

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