Thursday, December 15, 2011


its been quite a long while since i posted the kiddos on the blog.. and what they're wearing lately. since i papa was gone for three weeks, life was stressful at times and at times it was beautiful and rewarding. being alone with a three year old and one year old isn't too easy at as it is and when papa leaves the kids miss him and their frustration of not being able to see their papa takes a toll on me and its really heartbreaking to see. but while papa was out of the country, making money and experiencing some incredible things, like hiking up the mayan pyramids, we had some pretty cool days with some of our loved ones. we went to the waldorf elves fair in pasadena with friends and its just the cutest fair at the most incredible school i have ever visited.

on Luna: beanie, mexico. shirt, vintage from 3ring circus. jacket, harajuku mini. jeans, baby gap. shoes, converse. 
on Niko: beanie, oshkosh. sweater, hand me down. jeans, levi's. shoes, keep
on Luna: bow, color land. dress, handed down. socks, target. shoes, h&m. 
on Niko: shirt, gifted. jeans, levi's. shoes, keep
and now we are getting ready for christmas and i have so many crafts to start and finish and not enough hours in a day.. i will also be posting my first tutorial this week, hopefully by friday, im excited!!
i took these photos of Luna today and her feet are so big, we need to go shoe shopping really soon!
and my photo-phobic pup sorta posed for a photo today, all matchy matchy with my couch and rug. :) 


Lil Muse Lily said...

it's hard when dads go away for a while. happy you are all together again.
your little ones are too cute!

Susan said...

Tough for sure.
They're adorable - love that bow in her hair. So sweet.

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

luna's hat and hair bow are both precious!

great pictures.

Morgan said...

Such adorable pictures! Your kids are SO cute and I love their outfits! Your dog is so cute, too! Love the matchy-matchy!

jen_not_jenny said...

Supercute! I especially love Luna's bow and Niko's sneakers.

thinkpriddy said...

cutie pies!!! ahh, i love them :)
and I LOVE the way you did Luna's hair with the bow

Color Land said...

Happy to hear you are all together again :)
Your kidos look adorable on those outfits, they are sooo cute!
thanks for visiting us last time at kumquat, it was nice to meet you!

have a happy day!

erica @ expatriababy said...

Oh mama, single parenting is hard work! And I only have one kid to chase around.

Marcela said...

We were at the fair very close to our home!!

Beautiful pictures!!

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