Friday, October 7, 2011


we are officially done with papas birthday. wednesday night was his birthday and we celebrated at home with friends and family. we made rosemary and garlic potatoes, big fat steaks were grilled and a tasty little asian salad to accompany the meal. i also baked a chocolate cake from scratch and it turned out pretty great considering it was my first time making a cake from scratch. yesterday while papa had his radio show going on the kids hung out with him and his friends as i prepared the famous chicken cake. once papa and his friends finished the radio show the chicken cake was ready to be eaten so put some candles on it and the kids and i sang happy birthday to papa. here are bits and pieces from last night. 

1. papas books and records 2. old press photo of papa  3. papa on the decks 
4. chicken cake ingredients (minus chicken and mayo) 5. chicken cake 6. toys in papas space 


Marcela said...

Chicken cake...sounds interesting! Please share recipe soon, would love to try!

Ana said...

What a great way to celebrate your husband! The chicken cake looks good!!

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