Thursday, September 29, 2011


here are a couple of my favorites from the zara kids lookbook, since we moved to l.a. we now have a couple of zara stores to go to and i think this christmas be making a stop there. i love the simplicity and quality you get from zara. its effortlessly fashionable. i can't believe how obsessed i am with kids fashion, but everything is just cuter in "mini size" right? while my kids are always sporting new cool clothes, im looking like a character from sesame street with my messy hair and unwaxed eyebrows, and in the same outfit as always, im starting to look like a picture. somebody help me please.

photo source: zara


thinkpriddy said...

everything is just cuter in "mini size" right? RIGHT!

Marcela said...

Oh, love all of it!

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