Saturday, September 10, 2011


wow, our electricity was off yesterday for hours and it just changed up our whole two days. there was  a power outage from arizona to mexico to san diego and orange county. it pretty much sucked but we survived. one thing i realized was that we are not even prepared for a earthquake or any type of natural disaster which, we are so due for an earthquake. not like i want one but its only a matter of time. anyhow, i got some super exciting news, we are moving to long beach in a couple weeks!! los angeles is not really my thing everybody knows this but i gotta do whats best for our family and we got a really cute house with a nice yard that has avocado trees. i mean, i haven't seen the inside only raoul has gone in but i saw the outside and the avocado trees won me over. i will save a whole bunch of money with these trees, its like it was sent to me from heaven or something, luna and i love munching on avocados! so here are a couple things i am loving  this weekend, enjoy my picks and have yourself an awesome weekend! peace and love, Liz

wish i had this pretty vintage dress, love the lion print!! doesn't get better than this! 
flashcards from nikos "school days desk" vintage toy.
my homegirl bunny kitty kicking it with hello kitty. cutest thing ever? probably yes. 
♥ keith haring. nuff said. 
vinyl lover. 
we actually went to this church last year, it was amazing. san luis potosi, mexico. 
the cutest radio for way too much money. can't win em all right? check out more beauties here: 3ryan radio
how's this for a cute baby cradle? gees, i love it way too much. photo found: here
eco orbs are the new "thing" over here since i have a yard i need to start working on now. 
i saw an antique duvet cover like this today at a vintage-antique store down the street, it was gorgeous. i think i wanty. its right next to the ice cream shop, i wasn't shopping. just killing time while the owner got back to serve me my damn ice cream. ;) this photo is from: here


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