Saturday, August 20, 2011


this morning my little girl and i went to the farmers market and got a bunch of tomatoes, red ones and yellow ones. im excited to taste the yellow ones! i am so lucky the farmers market sets up only a block away from home every saturday. and luna just loves riding in her buggy and checking out everything. she's an observer for sure. then we hung out at the park for way too long, made friends with some cool parents and learned about the schools in our neighborhood. like, i didn't know the elementary across the street taught the kids to speak german. that's pretty cool. anyways, here's some photos i found in my computer today that i love. hope you're all having a lovely weekend! hugs and smiles, Liz ♥

aren't bunnies cute? this is how i think of my mischievous bunny i had a couple years ago. she was bad. 
 the chem-trails topic is pretty hard to follow since nobody really knows the truth behind them. and the people  who know don't want to talk about it. its pretty suspicious to me and people like Prince and Dick Gregory have spoke about this subject too and some say its a way to depopulate due to its negative effect. sorry, i know this is a lot and i don't want to ruin your weekend but it's something to think about. 
 raoul and i have been talking about getting bikes as soon as we move but we haven't spoke about getting a sound system to ride with us. if we didn't have kids to lug around i wouldn't mind bringing these huge speakers with me. can you say, bumpin?! 
 i miss my boys, they're in l.a. right now and home is so quiet without them. photo was taken at a beach in hawaii last year. 
 i love how the word gay or gayer was used so freely back in the day, now its used as an insult. i love my gays. like, a lot. 
 true, moms do it all. aren't we the best? just kidding. much love to all the amazing papas out there, specially this one.
 how sweet is this vintage pepsi machine? although i have given up drinking soda for the most part, pepsi is my favorite and i do drink it during special occasions. we don't bring it home anymore though. its just a bad habit i knew we had to kick. 
 a couple weeks ago we spent the weekend with our friends from l.a. our friend margy made chinese and thai food and 
it was so delicious. then we spent the day at balboa park and around our neighborhood. 
this photo was sent to me yesterday and i just love it. i mean, i love us. so proud to have such a happy and healthy family. 
i'd like to call this, the one that got away. i was about to purchase and some lucky person snatched it. 
i wanted this for luna, i love this color and its from the 1930's, that's just amazing to me. 
i want to make something like this when we move to l.a., just coziness with a bunch of pillows for movie time. 

NOTE: since these photos have been in my computer for a really long time i don't know where i got them from. 
so sorry for not crediting. if you know where a photo is from let me know so i can credit. thanks.

mustard baby romper is from flour. and the lovely couch is from papier mache mag


Mommy Mi said...

I love the couch!
Still want something for my reading room like that..
We have our old couch in there, which im going to have to try and work with <3

lizziedoesit said...

yea, i love that you can add the pillows to make it look how every you like! the frame is so basic and easy to find :)

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