Tuesday, August 2, 2011


we had some friends stay with us this weekend from l.a. and sunday we took them to balboa park because our friend margie loves gardens and so we hit up the botanical garden at balboa park which is just down the hill from our home. we wanted to visit the japanese friendship garden but didn't have enough time. also margie is from thailand and is an amazing cook. she cooked some incredible food for us one dish was chinese and the other one was thai. i should really get the recipe from her. anyways.. my camera died after taking about eight photos and this is all i got. and yes, niko just turned three and still loves his pacifier. i need help getting rid of that thing.. its been extremely hard to get rid of it. i take it away during the day and give back for sleeping but he still wants it and thinks he can't live without it. is there any tricks to get rid of it? it seems nothing works.

LUNA: dress, harajuku lovers. sandals, vintage. 
NIKO: shirt, target. jeans, levi's. shoes, converse. 
Luna at six months and now almost 18 months wearing the same dress.. It's the dress that keeps on giving. talk about getting your money's worth right? this makes mama really happy. 

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Kendall said...

try cutting down the paci.. like cut the end a little bit at a time.. inthe end there will be no nipple to suck but he can still hold onto it when he sleeps..

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