Thursday, July 21, 2011


it had been way too long since we last saw our buddies rocky and lynda. we have been driving up to l.a. for a couple weeks every other weekend and if we stay in town our schedule is pretty busy with kiddo fun and family time. so lynda and i talked about taking the kids to an indoor playground and when i got to her house we pretty much got lazy and stayed in. which is nice since she has set up her home to be really functional with kiddo and grown up space. rocky (lynda's son) has pretty much every kind of toy you can imagine so my kiddos were in play date heaven. i love to spend time with one of my best friends and have my kids there playing with her son. its like shooting two birds with one stone right? i also discovered luna loves to draw, which reminds me to get an easel from ikea. i had been thinking about getting one for niko's birthday and i keep forgetting. we have a beach trip to get ready for... be back soon. love and smiles. Liz

Luna : dress, guess(hand-me-down). onesie, gerber. shoes, harajuku lovers. 

Niko: shirt, target. jeans, levi's. shoes, converse. 
Rocky : shirt and shorts, h&m. shoes, vans. 
p.s. Niko's shirt started out clean but a lollipop happened. you know how it goes...
here's lyn and i hanging out, drinking some cold coffee. :) 


Lil Muse Lily said...

it's great having playdates at someone's home because they get so excited over new toys. lol
definitely get the easel from ikea and some washable paints. Lily loves to paint

Tiffany said...

Luna's dress is super cute as is she! And yeah...I know all about lolipops and such. No worries

Yoly said...

Love Luna's harajuku shoes!!! Did you hear, Gwen will be selling harajuku stuff at Target? can't wait!!! Love Niko's tee. I also got Lily a Beatles tee at Target, but it say's "Strawberry Fields" :)

Morgan said...

What a fun playdate! I love when I get to spend time with a friend and my kids are having fun, too. Great pictures!

Thanks so much for linking up with Small Style!

ingrid said...

They are so sweet as always. I love that beatles shirt - it is so cool.

lizziedoesit said...

thank you lovelies!

YOLY: that's the greatest news I've heard all day! you know I'll be going crazy over it! I love Harajuku Lovers but have run out of dresses and shirts for Luna since I bought so much when i was pregnant.
MORGAN: thank you for hosting! i love your blog and being a part of it! :)

have an amazing weekend ladies! xoxo

lyn said...

Cute pictures! we love you!!

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