Wednesday, July 6, 2011


wow lately the weather has been unbearable. this heat is kicking my behind but i have been doing so much cleaning around here and taking the kids to do fun things and at night raoul and i watch movies. its one of my favorite things to do with my love, just lay in bed and enjoy a movie (and his two cents about the movie). this man really knows how to ruin a good emotional scene for me. we have gotten into small fights over his talking through my movies. i like to listen to every single line throughout the movie and get so frustrated when raoul makes (bad) jokes and interrupts a good scene. but its funny after the movie is over. and yes i have to rewind sometimes and kick him out sometimes. but we have some good times this man and i. the jim carrey movie below was so cute. niko and i watched it at the theater with a big group of friends. our friends daughter celebrated her birthday with a movie and dinner at corvette diner. and this was his first time at the theater and did extremely well, considering he just turned two.  i would have to say every movie is really great here. even the rain is a really powerful film and if you're interested in human rights you will like it. not everyone likes films about the harsh reality of life. we like to be in our bubble of perfection and comfort. but its important to see the world for what it is so we have a better understanding and then we can truly appreciate what we have. oceans is a disney film and has some incredible shots of animals in the ocean, a good family film. and mammoth was really good too. a story of two families and how they are connected. can you tell i like gael garcia films? i am a proud gael fan. any cool movies you've watched lately? id love to hear. :)

Even The Rain (2010)

Oceans (2009)

Mammoth (2009)

Mr. Popper's Penguins

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